Sunshine for the eye and nutrition for the parrot body

posted by Gudrun @ 13:28 PM
June 12, 2017

Nasturtiums are easy to grow and their beautiful yellow and orange flowers bloom all summer long. But they are not only a joy for our eyes in our garden or pots. Their peppery taste is a Delight in Salads and for our birds. They give the fresh organic parrot food, we feed daily, color and a spicy bite the birds enjoy.Because nasturtiums are great climbers, they are wonderful to grow around outdoor aviaries. That way the birds can help themselves to a spicy nutritious parrot food whenever they feel like it.

Nasturtiums are native to Peru, where the Indians used them as cough remedy. Our modern medical research supports this. They also have stimulant, expectorant, antiscorbutic (anti-scurvy) properties. In the 16 century the Spaniards took seeds to Europe and soon after nasturtiums appeared in the first herbs books.

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