Polly Wants More than Just a Cracker

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August 17, 2009


When you think about it, parrots are a lot like rambunctious young children. They have the ability to repeat things – sometimes to embarrassing effect. And they’re notoriously messy eaters. Despite these behavioral quirks, parrots make for charming pets that constantly reward their owner’s care and patience. To get off on the right foot with your new bird, try to pinpoint the foods he likes best. Parrots are finicky eaters, but it shouldn’t take long to figure out their dietary preferences.

Fresh fruits are a staple of most parrots’ diets. Bear in mind that they are not suited to handle junk food, so keep the salty, fatty foods out of reach. It’s best to supplement the fresh fruit with nutritional parrot food in the form of pellets. You can think of these as the parrot’s snacks to be distributed between mealtimes.

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