Bird Pellets Make Up the Base for My Parrot’s Diet

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 12:22 PM
December 31, 2016

2-bird-pelletsBefore I could start feeding my parrot, I had to make sure that I had a really great understanding of parrot nutrition. I knew that a mixed and varied diet was important, but I wasn’t completely sure what kinds of items I should include in his diet. To make sure that I could feed him the right way, I took time to read up on nutrition before I even brought my bird home at all.

It was really easy for me to find some different types of foods that were made to feed to parrots, but on top of this, I made sure to get him a lot of organic produce that he could eat as well. While the different types of bird pellets were a good base for his diet, he needed to also be able to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. I spent a lot of time finding these for him.

My bird is extremely healthy thanks to the diet that I have him on. It is great to know that I am able to keep my bird healthy just by taking the time to make sure that I am feeding him really great types of foods that he can enjoy eating while getting all the nutrients that he needs.

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