Keep Your Bird Healthy and Happy with the Right Toys and Bird Pellets

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 10:29 AM
March 30, 2016

tops parrot food 2 3-11-16Most bird owners recognize the importance of investing in a roomy cage. A parrot or parakeet’s dwelling should be large enough to accommodate the stretching of wings as well as some lateral movement. People certainly don’t appreciate being cooped up for extended periods in an enclosed space, and birds are no different. But did you know that the interior decor is just as important as the cage space itself?

Decor might not be the right word, exactly, as it implies that birds have an eye for aesthetics. In truth, they appreciate having the ability to stay occupied during long stretches of time when they’re left alone. Hanging bird toys such as bells add an element of fun to an otherwise austere cage. Small though their brains may be, birds still have a desire to stay busy; bird toys provide an outlet for that desire. And, of course, always be sure that there are fresh bird pellets available to your avian friend.

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