Picky eater, really

posted by Gudrun @ 13:41 PM
October 14, 2014

“my bird is a picky eater” or “I took in a bird, who is a picky eater” are sentences I hear at least several times a week.

parrot food

Lets have a look at that.

Our parrots are not domesticated creatures. Their instincts are pretty much full in place.

So, lets imagine how this ‘picky eater’ would work in the wild. The parrot fledges and the parents and flock take it out to show what is save food. And because there is so much and they only have to fly miles and miles to find it, they say to the young bird: “Do you like this? Or shall we fly another 5 or 10 miles to see if we find something you like better?” Can you imagine that?

Well, it rather is like this: they fly and show this is food and it is save to eat and then they eat it. Now how come they are so picky when living with us? Did you ever consider that when you put some new food in your birds bowl or chuff in its face, it doesn’t even know that is  save parrot food? How can he/she?

There are several ways to teach a parrot to start eating a variety of foods. One is that you, as a flock mate, eating it.

Showing this food is save. Or you can offer the dish every day in the cage. Though that can take month with some birds, which knows a very limited diet.

But you would not live with a parrot if you would not have an infinity source of love and patience, right ;-).

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