Mints – Parrot food on our porch

posted by Gudrun @ 12:47 PM
June 17, 2009

parrot foodHere is another easy to grow, very tasty and beneficial parrot food; the mint family. In my pots you will find Spearmint, parrot foodPeppermint and Melissa, also called Lemon Balm. I have them in pots, because otherwise they take over the garden in no time. Which can be a good thing, because you can freely harvest the branches as a parrot food  and toy.

 Both Peppermint and Spearmint are considered to be soothing for the digestive system, to strengthen the entire body, specially the heart muscles. Melissa has calming properties. So, a bird that is on the nervous site can greatly benefit from chewing on some sprigs woven through the cage bars or bound into a bushel, hanging on its perch.

 The dried or fresh leaves spread or planted in an out door aviary will keep mice away, because they do not like the smell.

 I love having such wonderful smelling plants, which enhance the taste of my salads, produce refreshing teas during the summer and are so beneficial used as parrot food. And at the same time give the birds something to do.

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  1. Judy Markey Says:

    Hello Gudrun! I too love the mint and recently added to my porch garden Chocoalte Mint. Knowing that chocolate is considered to be a food to be avoided in consideration of our feathered and furry companions, I would like to know if Chocoalte Mint can safely be given to my parrots.

  2. admin Says:

    Hello Judy,
    thank you for your comment. I never heard about chocolate mint before. I know chocolate beans, from which our chocolate is made, are poisoning for parrots. but I don’t know about the plant itself. do you know which plant was used to create the chocolate mint? if not, I have to research which plan the mint was crossed with.

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