Weeds as parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 16:15 PM
June 3, 2009

parrot foodSome weeds make a great parrot food. Do you have dandelion in your yard? If you don’t spray your garden, dandelion make a great parrot food and toy. Why should we pull out such a nutritious and healthy plant, which the settlers valued so highly, that they brought it over from Europe? The Native Americans realized its qualities and integrated it fast in their diet and as medicine. Many people are not aware that they have such a great parrot food in their yards. They usually try to get rid of it. I am looking forward to early spring to be able to start feeding the leafs. Dandelion leafs contain many minerals and vitamins and are very blood cleansing. I ad the leafs  to my fresh parrot food, pureed, cookes and hang them on the side of the cages. Later on the birds love to play with and eat the flowers.


parrot foodPlantain is another ‘weed’, the settler brought over to America. Then it was called the ‘mother of herbs’. It is not the banana, but these green, flat plants, which grow all over our yard and everybody tries to get rid of. Plantain, like dandelion is both a food and an herb. It is very nourishing and has many healing properties. I use it not only as parrot food, but for many other things. For example when I have a wound I simmer a leaf for a while and put it on the wound. It takes the pain away almost immediately and speeds up the healing.

 You can find more detailed information about these two herbs and many other in my book “What Happened to my Peanuts”.

4 Responses to “Weeds as parrot food”

  1. Crystal Smith Says:

    Gudrun, we (parrots AND parents) LOVE your blog! Herbs…. you were the first in helping us recognize how much they add to flavoring our foods as well as providing healthy nutrition! Dandelion is one of our favorites! Very versatile … salads, cooking, and tea! In Beaverton, we found this little weed growing all over our yard (neighbors hated us!) Here in the desert…. there isn’t a weed in sight. Lucky us – we have a neighborhood market that sells the organic version!
    Thanks for the update!
    Best Wishes from Las Vegas!
    Crystal and the Flock

  2. Gudrun Says:

    Hi Crystal, it is so great to see how people change their (and naturally their birds and other family members) eating habits towards healthier and tastier at the same time.
    it is so funny to see you feeding this “stuff” now, after declaring me totally nuts no so many years ago :-).

  3. Irina Says:

    I love reading all your posts, Gudrun, thank you! I give plantain seed spears to my budgie and cockatiel regularly and they love them! Pick out all the little seeds. I was thinking of boiling some plantain leaves and then spraying my little feather-plucking Timneh with the water in which the leaves boiled. Do you think it would be good and soothing for his skin?
    I remember when we were children and had a scratch or a cut while running about, we would find a plantain leaf, rub it abit and place it on the scratch. I think it worked! 😀

  4. admin Says:

    Hello Irina,
    thank you for your feed back.
    I know that plantain almost immediatly relieves pain, heals very fast and leaves almost no scar. some bird bites tought me that :-). a tea might help with the itching skin. also, cooking some leafs for a short time and adding them to the fresh food. they are very nourishing.
    have a great week

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