A nutritional balanced diet for a parrot

posted by Gudrun @ 11:23 AM
September 22, 2015

A nutritional balanced diet for a parrot would be a diet consisting of different vegetables, fruits, seeds, pellets and nuts, in short “variety in moderation”.

So what happens when we offer our birds a nice dish with different vegetables or fruits or seeds? Right, the parrots eat what they like most and the rest ends up on the floor. Meaning we offer a variety of food, but the bird is not eating a variety.

If they would live in nature they would not eat a variety at one meal. They would eat the one food they find. If they are full or have wiped out whatever they found or the flock flys on they leave whatever they ate. Sometimes they find different foods on one day, sometimes it mean they eat the same for a day, a week or longer.

I like to imitate these one parrot food at the time scheme, because it gives me control in what they eat. If I offer a mix, I don’t know what they really eat or not. Yes, from what’s on the floor I can guess. But they pick out the same kind most of the time. So, when I give them one vegetable per day, one kind of seed (dry, soaked or sprouted) one kind of nuts a day, I can cover the birds’ nutritional need over a certain time. Like it would be in nature.

The food schedule for my birds looks like this:

Morning: vegetable

Lunch: some nuts

Evening: seeds

In between they have a bowl with pellets in their cage, way away from the water bowl, so the pellets stay dry and I don’t have to change them every day.


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