Arsenic in our parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 16:03 PM
September 17, 2015


 parrot food

Some years ago Consumer Reports brought to the light that rice was contaminated with inorganic (not natural) arsenic. Brown rice and rice grown in the South Central Region of the US and Texas is higher in arsenic, than rice grown in California.

This report started to bring to light more and more details about

arsenic in our daily food. Where did it come from? It’s in the soil. Arsenic-based pesticides were widely used in this country in the 20th century. So the soil and our ground water are inundated with it. Though the use of these pesticides is not allowed anymore in the US, the irrigation with the ground water containing arsenic from the soil still continues.

Arsenic-contaminated groundwater is to this day still used for irrigation purposes in crop fields and elevates the arsenic concentration in topsoil and the crops.

It looks like we can’t get away from inorganic arsenic, but in eating a variety of foods and keep an eye where it comes from, might help to keep it at a lower level.

I think it is important to feed your parrot (and eat) “a variety in moderation” and not foods which are mainly arsenic contaminated fillers with a few supplements added.


I am liking my suppliers and farmers here, who grow since many generations without chemicals, more and more.


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