From Totally Organics to TOP’s Parrot Food

posted by Gudrun @ 11:19 AM
September 4, 2015

TOP’s Parrot Food is not allowed to use the word organic anywhere on the website anymore, without being certified with the USDA. We are not even allowed to say that TOP’s parrot Food started 2003 as Totally Organics. According to the USDA that would be a claim we can only make if we certify with them. But we can tell our customers which of the ingredients of our Parrot Food are organic.

We had to choose between applying for a certification or erase the word organic from our website and name, Totally Organics. If you are like me and read labels, you see that certified organic does not necessarily mean quality or real food. Many of the certified organic foods contain mainly fillers like soy, corn, etc. Some pet foods even contain chemicals, which are not allowed for human consumption. In my opinion organic is becoming a big money maker, which means there are more and more large companies in for the money and don’t really care about health and quality.

Totally Organics has never been certified for the above reasons. Our ingredients are just real foods, not fillers since 10 years. So, we changed our name to TOP’s Parrot Food and also changed two suppliers who grow ecological and sustainable. We are looking for more of them, because we think sustainable is the new organics. These growers are genuine about the health of the planet and its people.

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