Finding the Right Parrot Diet

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 14:34 PM
June 1, 2009


The first thing to realize when you’re dealing with a parrot’s diet is to recognize how many different unique species of parrot there are. To that end, there are approximately 300 species of parrot, and almost half of those are species kept as pets within the United States. Typically, parrots are herbivores, but there is a very select group of parrots that do eat insects during breeding season.

On the whole, however, feeding your parrots from the plant family will be your best bet. The most common types of parrot food are seed diets, pellet diets, and cooked diets. On the whole, a strictly seed-based diet is considered lacking in many essential vitamins and nutrients. Seeds can be incorporated into the diet, of course, but they shouldn’t be relied upon entirely. Every diet, however, has its pros and cons, so it’s necessary to do some basic research. Figure out what’s easy and financially viable for you as well as what’s nutritious for your parrot.

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