Organic 50 years ago and now

posted by Gudrun @ 13:18 PM
April 16, 2014

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When I grow up we ate everything organic. Though, it wasn’t called organic. It was just what we grew on our little farm. We did not have the money to buy chemical fertilizer.

Fast forward 20 years or so and our water was not save to drink anymore, because of the overuse of fertilizer from the big farms.

At the same time the first “organic” produce started to show upin little health food stores. And I decided for the sake of the environment, the water, the air and this beautiful planet to do my part and to buy and eat as much organic products as I could. It became a way of life.


There were times when it was not easy. E.g. when I lived in this little town in the cascades. Though, about 15 years ago I started to see more and more people becoming conscious about the poisoning in our food and start to grow and eat organic produce.  With this development there came money to be made and bigger corporations became interested in organic. Over the last 10 years the certification became more difficult; while at the same time organic became fuzzier.


Today I often find organic products, which are just mainly cheap organic fillers (like soy something or the other) with some chemicals added. Pet food it is even worse. It is allowed to ad 5% non organic ingredients to any certified organic product. In pet foods that are often chemicals, which are not allowed for human consumption because, they are toxic. I am sure that some chemicals found in organic parrot food are if not the cause, increase feather destructive behavior.


Over the last 3-4 years I have seen that some of the farmers I buying vegetables and fruits from, even some suppliers for Totally Organics, did not renew their organic certification. I know that they grow sustainable, ecological, meaning improving the soil while protecting the air, water, and wildlife. Knowing them since many years I know also that they really care about the health of the environment. I trust them. More than I trust a lot of the certified products I find at my health food store.


So, what to do? Can we trust organic certification? I don’t know anymore. Therefore I buy as much as possible from people and companies I know, read labels very close and buy certified organic when I don’t know the producer.

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