Does your parrot like beets?

posted by Gudrun @ 13:27 PM
October 28, 2013

red beetsDid you know that red beets belong to the cleansing foods category? Their main effect is on the cells, kidneys, liver and blood. On the kidneys, they have a cleaning effect; in the liver they promote the regeneration of liver cells. Beets not only increase oxygen to the blood by 400% and support cleansing by eliminating toxic waste, they support the formation of new blood cells, enhance resistance and help normalize the body’s pH.

Many studies have been done on the ingredients and effect of red beets, since Ferenczi’s discovery of their tumor-inhibiting effect. A flavonoid called betazyane seems to be the main factor, because of its ability to increase the oxygen intake of cells. Betazyane also prevents the destruction of vitamin C and works as a natural antioxidant.

Red beet juice is used for cancer patients in European hospitals as detoxification and infection defense.

This is one parrot food, eaten on a regular base, which can keep away many problems.

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