Plantain for winter

posted by Gudrun @ 12:18 PM
July 21, 2010

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If you read my book “What Happened to my Peanuts” or followed this blog, you may have seen that I am a fan of plantain (Plantago Major). I am using it as parrot food and for myself during the summer. And I feel always safe to have an herb, which helps with so many issues, like wounds, as tea for internal problems, etc. For the winter I used to dry my own. And I am ready to harvest and dry some batches for the next winter.

Though, today I got my weekly Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy Newsletter with the following information:

Plantain is best used fresh, as opposed to the dried herb.  What works very well for us, is to take the plantain, right after being picked, place it in a blender with only enough water as needed to blend it until smooth.  Fill individual dividers in ice trays with this blended plantain, and freeze.  When frozen completely, remove to plastic freezer-safe bags, label, and store in freezer.  When bitten by a snake, spider, or in the case of an insect sting, simply remove one of those frozen cubes, thaw, and apply to the affected area, holding in place with a cotton gauze, or some other bandage.

I am excited about this information, because it seems much easier to prepare my winter batch. This way I can freeze enough to use it for food for my parrots in timesparrot food when no plantain is growing. I am going to try this with other herbs, like basil, nettle.

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