Health protection with the right bird food

posted by Gudrun @ 9:12 AM
May 30, 2009

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Many people don’t think much about the connection of bird food and health issues until they show up.

Though, if we provide a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs in our daily bird food, we can prevent not only health problems arising from lack of nutrition, but also harm due to exposure to outer hazard.

 Here is a story, which happened to my parrots and me.  I feed them on a regular base a mix of dried herbs, like dandelion, plantain, peppermint, etc. About a week after I bought the last batch my suppliers called and told me that they had found Ecoli in one of this products.  I should throw it away immediately.

I already had fed it for several days as part of the bird food. But what I had fed also and do always with their fresh daily food, was cinnamon. They like the taste and it has many benefits. One of it is, that it is a lethal killer of the ecoli bacteria. This was found in many researches, done over the last 20 years.

Over the next days I kept a very close eye on their behavior and droppings. Just to be sure I increased the dose of cinnamon and added some garlic and Echinacea in their fresh bird food for the next days. To this day no sign of any problem.

Do I know if the part of the product I had gotten was contaminated?  No.  If so, were the birds smart enough not to pick the contaminated food? I will never know. I just knew they had the best protection they could have for this case by eating cinnamon.

Most vegetables and herbs have antibacterial, anti inflammatory, and many other ‘anti’  properties.

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