Converting a cockatiel to pellets

posted by Gudrun @ 11:07 AM
June 9, 2010

We all probably know many ways of offering new parrot foodparrot food to our birds. I certainly thought I know a bunch of them. And then Lisa, a customer of Totally Organics sends me the following email:

“In September we brought another tiel into our home that is older and had been on a seed diet.  We were able to get her transitioned to sprouts and cooked grains very easily but she would not eat the pellets.  Well, last month I had the idea to ground the pellets up a bit with a mortar and pestle.  I spread that around on the bottom of her cage and she immediately hopped down and start foraging around gobbling up the pellets.  I was so excited to see her having fun and it’s great to know that she is getting more variety through the pellets.”

I know cockatiels are one of the parrot species that are ground feeders. But it never occurred to me to present their food in a way like these birds would eat in their natural environment, on the ground. Talking about not seeing the forest for all the trees.

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