My first recipe for converting parrots to fresh food

posted by Gudrun @ 15:16 PM
March 27, 2010


parrot food

Well, it was not my first recipe, but the first nutritious parrot food almost all birds went for. It took me a while to realize that I had to trick them into trying something, which was new, but had a familiar taste to it. I had made this parrot food in various forms several times, but most birds decided they wait for the seeds and pellets.

It was when I added a little peanut butter that they thought it was delicious. And here we go:


I cooked millet or quinoa; put the same amount of two or three different vegetables in the food processor and blend until fine.


That was the recipe they did not want to eat first. So, I added some peanut butter and voila, they liked it. Over time I decreased the amount of peanut butter and blend the vegetables more coarse until I could ad chunks of veggies and leave out the peanut butter. My birds still like the veggies at least a little cooked, but now they eat them by themselves.

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