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posted by Gudrun @ 13:15 PM
February 24, 2010

parrot food

Do you have birds that don’t want to eat veggies?

Many birds lack vitamin A, which also helps the body to absorb calcium. Therefore I like to provide plenty of beta-carotene in my parrot food. Luckily, there are more and more powdered organic vegetables on the market. The one I use often is carrot powder, which I mix into birdie bread or sprinkle it over the fresh food my parrots get in the morning. So, the birds which don’t eat much of the veggies get at least some of the nutrients which carrots provide.

Photo: Murphy, who owns Crystal Hutton Smith and let her take this photo.

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  1. Debbie Says:

    This is one reason, out of sooooooo many, I use Totally Organic Pellets ! Gudrun has added Carrot Powder to the mix along with so many other GREAT THINGS 😉

  2. CChin Says:

    Just wanted to drop in and say, great blog!! I am a big fan of TOPs, so please keep the entries coming. I just found this blog but I read all of the previous entries and found several of them extremely helpful and informative, so please keep up the great work.

  3. admin Says:

    Thank you for your feedback. unfortunately it was so busy here that I just did not find the time to post more. as soon as I have a minute I will post an interesting observation about my African Grey and carrot’s.

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