Step up Phoenix Landing weekend workshops 2010

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January 28, 2010

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Phoenix Landing is going to offer 3 weekend workshops in their great new facility in the Blue Ridge Mountains this year.

Here are some of the classes of the workshops:  

How Do I Teach My Bird That?

  • Husbandry behaviors (going into a carrier, taking medicine, taking a bath…);
  • Trick behaviors to build a positive relationship and provide mental enrichment to your bird (wave, turn around, drop things in a bucket..); and
  • Good behaviors that work for your family, and avoid the problems that can cause a bird to lose their home (biting, screaming….).

 Activities for Parrots: Your Job and Theirs


 • Anatomy • Diseases • General safety • Emergencies

  • Lost birds

What should my parrot eat?


Here is the site for more information:

My next post will continue with the herbs as daily parrot food

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