Hawthorn Berries – Herbs in our daily parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 18:32 PM
January 25, 2010

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Several years ago I red a research from the university Hannover, Germany. They stated that about 30% of the pet parrots die on enlarged hearts. They assumed the cause was not enough exercise. In nature parrots exercise by climbing around and have to fly a lot to find food, water or feed their mate and babies.

There are many things we can do to get our birds to exercise. Some of mine like to hang on a boinger or sisal rope and flip their wings. Going around and around. If the environment is save it is also good to let them fly around the house. Or build a nice aviary. Though, it seems birds do not just fly around for the pleasure of flying. They seem to always have a goal when they go somewhere. May it they want to get to their owner, find some food or goodie, tease another bird and so on. I have seen the same thing with the outside birds.

Unfortunately in this research only exercise was mentioned. Not a word about the food this birds ate. I am convinced food is an issue when it comes to heart problems. If we feed our birds foods with certain fats or foods containing salt or sugar it certainly is not good for their heart. So, providing ways to exercise and feeding the right food is important. One of the herbs, which can be used as a regular food are hawthorn berries. In Europe hawthorn berries are know as a heart tonic, because they relax and dialate arteries, increase the flow of blood to and from the heart, transporting so more oxygen to it and maintain healthy blood vessels. They help the vascular system by decreasing capillary fragility and permeability, lowering blood pressure, reliving hypertension and strengthening the heart.

Hawthorn berries are save for long term use. I ad them on a regular base to my parrot food. Mostly I use dried berries and have seen great difference in quality. The best ones I found are from Oregon’s Wild Harvest. The dried herb mix for my birds contains always some hawthorn berries. I also soak them and ad them to the fresh parrot food I feed in the morning.

If you have a yard, I would suggest planting a hawthorn berry bush. Otherwise you can use the dried berries.

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