Nutritional parrot food

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May 28, 2009

Nutritional parrot foodNutricional parrot food

Cooking demonstration at the  PEAC chapter in Cleveland,  with the famous chef Sergio J Abramof.






I am living since 16 years, sometimes with up to 200, parrots.

About 14 years ago I started to get into nutritional parrot food. It became so much part of my life that I often forget how much I know and how many parrot owners don’t.

 Recently I went to speak at the PEAC chapter in Cleveland, to share my knowledge. In these 1-½ hours of my speech I could only talk about a little bit of the easy to apply nutritional parrot food, which make up my normal day-to-day living. Though, the people who are part of PEAC are already better informed than many other bird owners, I was amazed how much new information I still had to offer.

 Much of the information I usually talk about is contained in my book “What happened To My Peanuts”. But there are always new realizations and findings about parrot nutrition, which I am going to share here in this blog.

 Stay tuned and maybe you will find some nutritional parrot food, which can help you having a happy and healthy life with your bird(s).

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