Interesting observation

posted by Gudrun @ 18:39 PM
December 1, 2009

parrot food


Do you ever ask yourself why you live with parrots? I think I do it every day. I think one reason is, so I don’t ever stop learning. LOL. I never feel alone and never get bored. There is always parrot food to prepare, something to clean, someone who wants a scratch or just a goodie. And they teach me the most incredible things. Parrots scream. Some of them more, some less. On some days more, on some days less. Sometimes I don’t even hear it, sometimes it irritates me and sometimes it even annoys me.

A while ago I was reading a book that suggested that we humans run on programs, like computers. And when there is a certain program and the outside shows something different, we get negative reactions. Cleo is a rather quite cockatoo. But not too long after I red the book, he got one of his screaming fits. I got first annoyed. Then I suddenly thought, “Oh, my program is that he should be quiet right now and that’s why his screaming is bothering me”. If I would not have this programming, this would not affect me at all. So, Cleo taught me to learn in live what I had learned in theory in the book.

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