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posted by Gudrun @ 15:46 PM
November 9, 2009

parrot food


In the last ten years many people came to me and wanted to know how to feed their birds healthier. Some of them wanted to change everything at the same time. And gave up after a short while. Many started with baby steps and came a long way. And some thought I am a plain nuts in the beginning. Of some of them I never heard again. Some contacted me after a short or long while and thankfully reported their progress. Which sometimes went so far as that they changed the diet for the whole family. And with some I became friends.

One who thought I am crazy in the beginning, but changed the diet of her birds in her own way, just send me am email she called Harvest Delight. I want to share it with you to show how easy it can become, after a little while, to create healthy parrot food dishes. And here we go:

Sending photos of our favorite meal that contains some wonderful foods available during the fall season!  Cranberries, yams, peppers, parsley, apples, and of course – fresh sprouted Totally Organics seeds!  Thank you, Auntie Gudrun!!


The Byrdbell Flock

And tommy can’t wait untill he gets it in his bowl.

parrot food

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