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posted by Gudrun @ 15:01 PM
November 2, 2009

Since many years now, when it comes to parrot foods, I am preaching the motto variety and moderation to anybody who wants to listen or not. This variety should always contain some fresh food. My reason was always that scientist discover constantly new components in fresh food, which are vital to our well being. We don’t know what we are missing, when our and our parrots diet consists of processed foods only.

 Lately I hear a lot about glyconutrients. They were discovered over the last few years. What are they? They are 8 plant carbohydrates, which are very important for the proper function and well being of the body. There is a lot of research done on them. If you want to know more details, here is a site:


You can go ahead and read or just be happy that your parrot gets these nutrients, because you are feeding fresh vegetable. Some fungus and mushrooms are high on glyconutrients, but almost everything fresh food contains it. Here is another site with the list of foods, which contain it:

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