Do you like to cook?

posted by Gudrun @ 14:50 PM
October 13, 2009

organic parrot food

I love to eat. And when I cook, it relaxes me. But I don’t feel like doing it every day. Since I live with birds I prepare fresh organic parrot food every morning. And I often don’t feel like cooking for myself another time the same day. So, I want dishes that are easy and fast to prepare and at the same time healthy and nutritious. Therefore I am really thankful that I lived in Italy and learned many recipes, which are easy and fast to make. When you prepare every day two meals with at least 3 courses, you can’t spend hours for every dish. And many Italian recipes are really fast, easy and yummy.

Sometimes I meet people who tell me that cooking is just too time consuming. I never understood. I also never understood, why many organic parrot foodcookbooks contain elaborate recipes only. Then I was talking to a friend about this and she said: people who write cook books probably think, you know already the simple daily dishes and use the cookbook only when you want to make something special. Now that makes sense. But it does not help someone who never learned to cook and wants to start.

I already shared some of the recipes I make for myself and I can also use as parrot food. I will continue doing this, so some people can start using them and see how easy it can be to cook for your entire family, including the FID’s, one healthy, yummy dish.

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