Special visit from California

posted by Gudrun @ 14:12 PM
October 9, 2009


I ordered some eucalyptus branches from California. When the package arrived I was not here and the postman left it on the front door. When Iparrot food came home there was a green bug sitting on top of the box. It stalked away when I grabbed the box. I had never seen such thing. It looked like a grasshopper, just bright green and much bigger (about 4 inches). Over the next few days it mostly hung out on the screen of my living room window. Which enabled me to get a very close look at it. I finally found it on the Internet. It is a praying mantis. Every once in a while it climbs down and (I assume) eats some bugs. Then it goes up the screen again. We keep looking at each other and I am totally fascinated. They usually live in warmer climates. Though, so far it is still pretty warm during the day. I wonder if it will survive here.

I know this has nothing to do with parrot food, but I did not even think that something like this might happen every once in a while. I don’t know how often a critter sneaks into a box and gets shipped like this, to end up in a total different state than where it is at home.

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