Normal Behavior or a Warning Sign?

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 15:08 PM
September 28, 2009

parrot-in-cageIt often takes some time for new bird owners to make sense of their pets’ behaviors. To the uninitiated, many of a parrot’s actions might seem random and illogical. In some cases, a perfectly normal aspect of behavior could be misconstrued as a sign of displeasure or discontent. If your parrot begins to lose some of its plumage, don’t fret; molting is occurs on a regular basis for all birds, and it can depend on environmental factors more than anything.

Don’t be dismayed to see your bird throwing its holistic parrot food around the cage. Parrots have an instinctive tendency to chuck the remaining seeds after they’ve finished eating. Theoretically, this behavior would send seeds to the jungle floor in the wild, perpetuating a plant that’s vital to the bird’s livelihood. Unfortunately for you, that mess of extra seeds will begin to pile up at the bottom of the cage if you don’t clean it regularly.

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