Humans eating their parrots food

posted by Gudrun @ 16:05 PM
September 15, 2009

organic parrot food

For a long time I thought, I am the only one who first tastes a new food for my birds. When we started to make and deliver Totally Organics pellets, I saw often how our customers grabbed some of the pellets and popped them into their mouth. Our vet grabbed some ate them and kept grabbing more eating them. Until her assistant said: you are eating bird food. This is an all organic parrot food. So there is no harm in eating it for humans. I am sure it is healthier than what many people eat on a daily base. None less I have to smile every time I get another email, telling me how tasty the TOPs pellets are.



The Tops pellets are yummy. But the Tesoro Treats are for some people irresistible. More than one customer told me that they really have to organic parrot foodhold themselves back, so their birds will get at least some of them. One store owner called me and he said: I need more Tesoro Treats, my wife ate them all, again. I had to laugh and told him to order a certain amount just for his wife. The good thing is, we have always something to eat at home and it is healthier than what we mostly eat. LOL

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