My daily parrot feeding schedule

posted by Gudrun @ 15:51 PM
September 1, 2009

It seems, like there are as many ways to feed a bird as there are people owned by parrots. I always love to hear how other parrot slaves feed their birds. My experience is that we constantly try to find new foods and recipes to spoil our birds. That’s why I share recipes here on this blog.

Today I want to share my daily feeding schedule.

The morning is fresh food time. My fresh, always organic parrot foodorganic parrot food consists a few times a week of cooked quinoa with 2-3 different pureed or cut vegetables and 1 or 2 fruits on top. Sometimes I just cut some fresh vegetables and fruit. Other days I soak some of the All-in-One Soak mix and feed it the next day, with or without some fruit. Or I make an omelet with vegetables. During the day my birds have the TOP Pellets to chew on. In the afternoon is goody time. Every bird gets an ounce of All-in-One Soak mix or Napoleon’s seed mix and some nuts or fruit and a piece of the Tesoro Treat. The Napoleon’s seed mix is rather for small birds. Though my big guys like them too. So, once a week they all get the small seeds and enjoy them.

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