Parrots don’t like bitter foods! Really?

posted by Gudrun @ 12:49 PM
August 23, 2009

organic parrot foodA while ago I was reading an article about parrot food. There was a lot of good information in it. But at one point it stated that parrots don’t like bitter foods. That surprised me. My fresh organic parrot food often contains such things as dandelion leafs, arugola, radicchio. All of which are bitter. I thought, maybe they threw it out and I did not realize it.

So, this morning I made an omelet for us. I took 2 eggs, beat them up, cut 1 zucchini in small cubes and cut up ½ of a small radicchio, added a pinch of pepper and mixed it all with the eggs. I heated some coconut oil on medium heat, threw in the mix and fried it from both sides. I cut it in half. One half I cut in small pieces for the birds, the other half I ate.

And than I was watching what they ate, and what they threw out. Well, they ate all of the egg, some of the zucchini and all of the radicchio. I love radicchio and use it in a variety of dishes. And I wonder if parrots take on the likings of their owners.

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