Is organic parrot food expensive?

posted by Gudrun @ 12:43 PM
May 20, 2009

 organic parrot foodSometimes I hear people telling me they can’t afford to buy organic parrot food for their birds.

If we look at how much we spend per month to feed a parrot, it really is not much. At least if we compare the cost of bird food with dog or cat food.

There are always different views to  look at something.


One way to look at this is that, we think we can’t spend lets say $10.00 a month more for organic parrot food.


The other way of looking at it is this: your bird (you self, your kids or any pet) develops a problem because of malnutrition or chemicals in the non organic food it eats. Now it has to be brought to the vet. Which often costs much more then feeding a balanced, healthy diet, which includes organic parrot food. At that point it is not only a money issue. Now the bird we love suffers. Which makes us as miserable (or more) as our beloved parrot. Sometimes it is a small issue, which can be fixed by adjusting the diet. But parrots are masters in hiding that they are sick. So, often when we realize there is a problem, it is more serious and will take month (or more) and a lot of money to have a healthy, happy bird again. And naturally a happy bird owner too.

So, in the long run we save money and, in my opinion even more important, a lot of emotional stress.

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