Zucchini, its uses as parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 12:36 PM
August 16, 2009

parrot foodI always found it rather funny, that zucchini originate from the Americas, but have an Italian parrot foodname. They are high in folate, potassium Vitamin C, vitamin A and contain some minerals. Don’t peel them, because the nutrition are in the skin. They are readily found year around in the grocery store and easy to grow in the garden. 

The easiest way to feed them as parrot food is to just give the whole zucchini to the birds (like  in our photo). This way it is not only a healthy food, but provides plenty of “work time”, which usually only a rather expensive toy would do. I also use them, cut into cubes and ad them to the omelets or the cooked quinoa I make for my parrots. Another way of feeding them, would be to cook them lightly in steam for a few minutes. They should be still crisp. Cut them into pieces or stripes. Mix some olive oil with fresh pressed orange and lemon juice, add some mint and pure it over the zucchini. This Italian recipe and is not only a yummy parrot food, but after adding some salt and pepper a wonderful side dish for yourself. Buon appetito!

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