Nettles, parrot food?

posted by Gudrun @ 15:15 PM
August 9, 2009

parrot foodUsually when we hear the word nettle, we do not think about parrot food or food at all. parrot foodThough, the sting of the nettle is but nothing compared to the pain that it heals, is an old saying in Europe. Through centuries of experience people knew that nettles are very useful plants.  They contain a high amount of chlorophyll, more then most other plants. The young plants are also rich in protein, Vitamin A, C and D, first class calcium, and a variety of minerals. It has been proven that nettles provide impressive results in treating rheumatoid arthritis, because they neutralize uric acid. They are also known for their immune stimulant and anti-inflammatory actions, strengthening of the adrenals and are said to restore youthful flexibility to blood vessels.


If you want to use them fresh, boiling or putting the leafs in hot water removes the sting. Young nettles prepared like spinach or made into a soup are quit delicious. In spring I sprinkle them fresh over the bird food. The rest of the year I use them dried.

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