Fennel – Mediterranean parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 16:00 PM
August 5, 2009

parrot foodOne of my favorite foods is fennel. I eat it raw and cooked in many different forms. Added to a salad it gives a delicious flavor. I also often ad it to my parrot food.

Though, it does not only taste wonderful, but has many healthy components. One of them reduces inflammation and helps prevent the occurrence of cancer. The high amount of vitamin C found in fennel bulbs is antimicrobial and helps the immune system to function proper. There are many more nutritional advances of fennel, which you can read at the following site:




And here one of the parrot food recipes I use it in:

Cook a ¼ cup of quinoa in ½ cup of water, until all water is absorbed.

Cut 2 carrots, ½ fennel and ½ yellow pepper in cubes and mix in the still hot quinoa. Done. Buon appetito.

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