Sunday morning organic parrot food breakfast recipe

posted by Gudrun @ 16:23 PM
June 28, 2009

organic parrot foodSunday mornings I often make omelets for my birds. I wanted to do that today. Without thinking much I started to cut a clove of fresh garlic, throw it in some olive oil and started frying it. Then I cut a carrot, a piece of fennel and celery and added them too. It smelled so good and instead doing my usual Sunday morning omelet, I just added a handful of quinoa flakes and a tablespoon of organic goat yogurt. Some fresh lovage from the porch and a delicious Sunday morning breakfast was ready

I just wanted to share this organic parrot food breakfast recipe with you, because my birds, which always love their breakfast, specially relished this one. It became very quiet in the bird room and the bowls were all empty after 10 minutes.

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  1. Lada Says:

    Hi Gudrun:

    Please forward your omelet recipe, as I could not locate it in your chat. Is this omelet applicable for cockatiels and ‘keets as well?

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Lada,
    thank you for your question.
    well, I started to make an omlett, but it turned out to become just a fried veggie mash. I think that was not very clear. so, I will write a post where I make it clear and share one of my omlett recipes too. and yes, the omletts I make, are for cockatiels too.

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