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Organic Parrot Treats Made An Awesome Gift For My Friend’s Parrot

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 13:48 PM
November 29, 2017

My friend loves to have a parrot around and I have spent lots of time getting to know the parrot and playing with him. The parrot is so much fun to be around and he is always so full of personality. My friend and I both speak Russian, and the parrot can even say and understand a few Russian phrases, in addition to some English ones.

My friend is always playing with the parrot when he is at home, and he is always showing him off when he has guests over. The parrot has some exotic coloring and he is so beautiful to look at. He is pretty big and he loves to be around people, especially people he knows well. He is a lot of fun and I love to see him when I go to my friend’s house.

I wanted to get my friend’s parrot a special treat when I was over at my friend’s house recently to celebrate a special occasion. I the parrot some organic parrot treats that he ended up loving a lot. The treats were a pleasant surprise for my friend, and he was happy that I came up with such a thoughtful gift for the parrot.

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