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My Parrot Loves His New Parrot Seed Mix

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 13:41 PM
July 18, 2017

I got a parrot not too long ago and he has been my buddy for all sorts of fun times. I love having a parrot in the house and he is always so much fun to be around. He really loves me as his owner and he is so loyal to me as well. He will never bite me or be aggressive to me in any way but he will often bite others or misbehave when around them.

My parrot and I share a special bond and I want to make sure that this kind of a bond will never be broken. I speak Russian fluently and it has been fun to teach the parrot to say some Russian words in addition to the English words that we have taught him. He is really good at mimicking our daily conversations.

I got my parrot some new parrot seed mix recently and it has been a mix that he has really loved. This new mix has been a great way for him to get the nutrition that he needs to have on a daily basis. The seed mix has been a staple in his diet ever since I got it for him and he has really loved it. I can smoke the seeds or feed them to the parrot dry.

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