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Healthy Parrot Food Does Wonders for My Bird

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 7:34 AM
June 30, 2017

When I first got my parrot, he was coming from a situation where he had really been neglected overall. I knew that it was extremely important for me to be able to use the right kinds of items to get him into much better health. The start was getting him on a healthy diet so that he would be able to live a much longer and better life with me.

He had been eating mostly junk food before, so getting him transitioned to eating what a healthy parrot was meant to eat was a bit difficult. It was necessary to reward him sometimes with the food that he liked, while getting him to eat as much healthy parrot food as was possible. I really enjoyed being able to spend a bit of time working with my parrot and getting him the food he needed.

Now that my parrot is able to get a lot more healthy food on a regular basis, I feel that I really am taking much better care of him. I am hopeful that I will be able to get him on the track of being a much healthier parrot as I continue to care for him in this way.

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