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Dandelion, again

posted by Gudrun @ 13:53 PM
June 8, 2017

Some weeds make a great parrot and human food. Do you have dandelion in your yard? If you don’t spray your garden, dandelion make a great parrot food and toy. Why should we pull out such a nutritious and healthy plant, which the settlers valued so highly, that they brought it over from Europe? The Native Americans realized its qualities and integrated it fast in their diet and as medicine. Many people are not aware that they have such a great parrot food in their yards. They usually try to get rid of it. I am looking forward to early spring to be able to start feeding the leafs. Dandelion leafs contain many minerals and vitamins and are very blood cleansing. I ad the leafs  to my fresh parrot food, pureed, cooked and hang them on the side of the cages. Later on the birds love to play with and eat the flowers.

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