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Nutritional Bird Food Keeps My Bird Healthy

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 15:52 PM
October 31, 2016

2-cockatiel-birdWhen I recently brought home a bird to keep as a pet, I had no real idea of how to take care of this animal. I knew that my parrot needed to have plenty of seeds and other healthy foods in his diet. Initially, I just fed him a whole bunch of different types of fruits so that he would be able to get the different kinds of items that he might be eating if he were out in the tropics still.

I ended up finding some really great bird food that could be served with these different items just so that my bird could have a more balanced diet. The nutritional bird food that I added to his diet was perfectly formulated so that my bird would be getting important vitamins and minerals that he might otherwise miss out on. It was good to know that he was eating what would be healthy for him.

I have been doing a lot of research since I got my bird just so that I am able to really take the best care of him on the whole. It is important for me to be able to keep this bird happy and healthy. I know that the bird food that I have purchased for him is something that really will help with that.

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Organic Parrot Seed is Good for My Parrot to Eat

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 15:50 PM
October 21, 2016

1-parrot-faceWhile my parrot does eat a whole bunch of different fruits and vegetables, he also has to have some seed and similar staples in his diet. It is good for birds to eat seed, but it can be challenging to find seed that is safe for them to eat. A lot of the commercial brands are not farmed organically so when you give your parrots these types of seeds they may end up getting sick from various chemicals.

I never want my bird to get sick because I skimp on what I am feeding him. That is why I have always made sure that I am feeding him the very best kind of organic parrot seed. I know he isn’t being exposed to a bunch of dangerous chemicals when I give him this food so I can breathe easy knowing that he is well taken care of and getting food that is best for him.

My bird has always done really well on the range of foods that I give to him. He is able to enjoy eating this seed regularly alongside the different types of fruits and vegetables that I can give him to make sure that he is getting the most balanced and nutritionally appropriate diet.

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Holistic Parrot Food and a Cockatiel for My Friend’s Birthday

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 16:54 PM
October 5, 2016

2-cockatielWhen I got my friend a bird for her birthday, I think she was very surprised. I know my friend had talked about getting a bird before, but never fully committed to doing it. So in my opinion, me giving her the cockatiel was the push she needed. Even so, I bet she didn’t think I would give her one for her birthday!

I also made sure to give her some holistic parrot food along with the bird. That way, she could have a good start to taking care of her new companion. I wasn’t about to give her a bird and ask her to buy everything else she needs on her own. I supplied her with a cage and some food to get a nice start.

Anyway, it was great to see her reaction to getting the gift. I think she’s really happy I did it, but she just didn’t expect it. Hearing a bird squeak was something she didn’t expect to hear, and it happened that day I gave her the gift. It must’ve startled her, because her eyes were wide and her mouth was agape. It was all totally worth giving to her just for that alone.

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