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Food vs Fillers

posted by Gudrun @ 12:37 PM
October 27, 2015

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I always read labels, but since I found out I have a soy allergy, I am becoming a master in labels reading. Most products which are already prepared, I would not even consider food anymore. They are a conglomeration of artificial colors, flavor, sugars, etc. In short a chemical cocktail. There are two ingredients which are almost not avoidable: SOY and CORN. Both easy to grow, cheap in production and therefore a wonderful cash machine. If we don’t find them as fillers in products, we find them in form of lecithin, starch, emulsifier, etc. I bought some “ancient grain quinoa pasta”, where the first ingredients was corn flour. But that was nowhere on the package, but only on the ingredients list.

When we now look at our parrot food, we will find lots of soy, corn and peanuts, next to artificial vitamins, color, fake flavor and sugar on the ingredients list. But where is the real food? And does it make any difference if I feed organic fillers with a chemical mix?

Soy and corn allergies are on the rise. And not only with humans. Many parrots have issues (plucking, screaming, etc.) which might be allergic reactions to their daily soy or corn. It becomes more important all the time to feed as much fresh food to our parrots as possible. And if we feed premade food, to look at the ingredients and make sure it contains real food.


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