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Sustainable, the new organic

posted by Gudrun @ 13:38 PM
September 16, 2015


Until about 70 years ago all our food was grown organically. Though, it was not called organic, but just normal food.

Then farmers started to use more and more fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides. So, more and more people started to buy ‘organically’ grown food and it became a moneymaker. Big business got interested and took over “organic”. If I look at organic “food” in our days I find mostly some cheap and easy to grow organic soy and corn with all kinds of chemicals. Even apples, pears and some other fruits are covered with a wax containing soy lecithin. Our food is by now inundated in chemicals.

So more and more farmers don’t care about organic anymore. They grow sustainable, rotated crops, use natural means like insects, etc. to create “real” food again, which nourishes the body and enhances the environment.

It takes a little research to find farmers and companies which operate sustainable and use principles that are based on the desire to maintain harmonious relationships between food production and the environment. But it is worth it, because of our and the planets health.

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