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Happy Holidays

posted by Gudrun @ 17:17 PM
November 30, 2014

Seasons Greetings


It’s the time of the year when nature slows down or good part of it sleeps. Just humans seem to get extra busy. Running all over to find presents, which often are not even wanted. How about to settle down and think about how we can enjoy a peaceful Holliday Season and buy in way that support good causes? For example order some nice calendars from your favorite non for profit organization as a present or donate in the name of the person as a present?

Maybe you know someone who has birds and is not so well off. Buy some toys or some good parrot food for them. Or give them a voucher for a farm basket or a delicacies store. Or a voucher for a trip to a special place near you. Sitting together with your family and brainstorm about such gifts for family and friends can be so much fun.


Happy Holiday Season


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Corn as Parrot Food

posted by Gudrun @ 14:23 PM
November 21, 2014


Though, corn is a good source of fiber, folate, vitamins B and C and potassium, it is also the second most prevalent ingredient in foods processed in the US today.

We find it in almost every processed food in form of Cornstarch, Corn syrup (including high-fructose corn syrup), Corn flour, Corn oil, Corn lecithin. Or corn derived ingredients like Citric Acid , Xanthan Gum and most “natural flavors”.

   This is not only the case for human food, but also for parrot food.

Like with everything our a body is inundated with, it eventually develops allergies. So corn allergies seem to become more common; in humans and in parrots. It looks like corn is one of the foods which, when eaten daily, can trigger allergies. I like to feed fresh corn, when it is in season, but avoid it otherwise.



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