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Cooked vs. raw organic parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 11:19 AM
October 31, 2014

parrot foodparrot food I know many people, who are convinced that only raw is the best organic parrot food. They reason in Nature there is no cooked food. Then there are parrot owners who cook and bake for their birds. Who is right?

None of them is right or wrong. It often depends on the parrot.

It is correct that there is no cooked food in nature. But what about parrots, that don’t eat raw vegetables? My Grey, for example, eats vegetables only when they are at least slightly cooked. I know people who bake birdie bread to hide fresh vegetables, to get their bird to eat them. I cook millet and quinoa to hide and get my parrots

to eat vegetables.

Warm food, for many living beings is comfort food. It reminds them of the times, when they were babies and nurtured from their parents. At that time the food baby parrots were fed was processed in the crop and had the body temperature of their parents. Also the nutrition in some veggies are easier absorbed by the body when cooked. It often is enough to cook them for a short time in steam.

I often have been challenged to get some healthy food into a parrot. With some birds we have to be quite tricky to get them to eat fresh foods. And we have to find a way to get our parrots to eat their veggies.

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The importance of a variety in our parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 16:50 PM
October 22, 2014

When it comes to a healthy diet the need of a parrots food is not that much different from humans. Some people think, if something is good, more of it is better. But a healthy diet consists of a variety eaten in moderation. This variety doesn’t have to be in one meal, but can be food consumer over several days. When we look at the seasons it can go over month.

Our and our parrot’s food does not only nourish our body, it has many more functions. In consuming regularly different foods we can help the body to break them down, assimilate and absorb nutrition. Here are just a few examples: Enzymes are very important for digestion. So, some pineapple, papaya or apple eaten on a regular base will support that part of assimilation. Bitter foods, like dandelion, arugula, nasturtiums, etc will help the body break down fats. Sour foods, like lemons, grapefruit, (and yes) apples help to break down carbohydrates. Cayenne pepper and ginger stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid to break down food and make it easier to get the nutrition. Coconut or olive oil help the body to absorb more of beta carotene.

This is just one reason why I believe no processed food (pellets) can cover the complete dietary need of a parrot. Coming from a background where this kind of a diet is normal, I apply it to the way I feed my birds.

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Picky eater, really

posted by Gudrun @ 13:41 PM
October 14, 2014

“my bird is a picky eater” or “I took in a bird, who is a picky eater” are sentences I hear at least several times a week.

parrot food

Lets have a look at that.

Our parrots are not domesticated creatures. Their instincts are pretty much full in place.

So, lets imagine how this ‘picky eater’ would work in the wild. The parrot fledges and the parents and flock take it out to show what is save food. And because there is so much and they only have to fly miles and miles to find it, they say to the young bird: “Do you like this? Or shall we fly another 5 or 10 miles to see if we find something you like better?” Can you imagine that?

Well, it rather is like this: they fly and show this is food and it is save to eat and then they eat it. Now how come they are so picky when living with us? Did you ever consider that when you put some new food in your birds bowl or chuff in its face, it doesn’t even know that is  save parrot food? How can he/she?

There are several ways to teach a parrot to start eating a variety of foods. One is that you, as a flock mate, eating it.

Showing this food is save. Or you can offer the dish every day in the cage. Though that can take month with some birds, which knows a very limited diet.

But you would not live with a parrot if you would not have an infinity source of love and patience, right ;-).

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