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From Totally Organics to TOP’s Parrot Food

posted by Gudrun @ 17:34 PM
September 26, 2014

I got a call today and actually was wondering why it took this long before it came.
About 6 month ago we got told we are not allowed to use the word organic in our name Totally Organics anymore, without being certified with the USDA. We had to choose between applying for a certification (which would have led to considerable price increases) or change our name, Totally Organics.
If you are like me and read labels, you see that certified organic does not necessarily mean quality. Many of the certified organic foods contain all kind of fillers like soy, corn, etc, but little of the things they were originally made of. Some pet foods even contain chemicals, which are not allowed for human consumption.
Totally Organics has never been certified for the above reasons. Our ingredients are just real foods, not fillers and have been certified organic since 10 years.
Though, two of our original suppliers choose to not renew their certification. They still grow according to the national organic standards. I know their commitment to leave the soil, air, water, plant life, animals and people healthier with their farming practices. It’s a way of life for them.
So, now there came this call and the gentleman ask why we
Changed our name to TOP’s Parrot Food and also changed two ingredients to ‘just’ ecological and sustainable grown ones. Everybody can say that, without a certification.
And yes, he is right. But we sometimes have to make choices and just trust. I have several companies I am buying from. I researched them and do trust them, even if they are not certified.
So I can only say, Totally Organics, now TOP’s Parrot Food has never been certified, we have used only the best, highest quality, organic ingredients and will keep doing so,
Even if some are not certified anymore.


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