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Soaking Grains and Seeds

posted by Gudrun @ 10:57 AM
June 26, 2012

In nature many parrot species eat seeds. Often these seeds are germinated.

Seeds are little miracles. Slumbering within them are all the nutrients necessary to develop and grow a plant. When germinated this dormant treasures awaken. Now the seeds provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, amino acids, fatty acids and much more every plant needs to grow.

All this nutrition’s are offered in a perfect combination only Mother Nature provides. Unlike raw food, they are also easy for the body to utilize in this form.

We can copy this process for our organic parrot food, if we soak the seeds and grains before feeding them. Most are at the peak of their nutritional value after 8 –12 hours of just soaking them in room temperature water. So, why don’t we throw our clean, organic seeds and grains in water, rinse them after the 8-12 hours and voila, we have a fresh nutritious food for our birds.

We can get fancy and soak them in orange juice. Or serve them with some cut up fruit, carrot juice, applesauce or any mash a bird loves.

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