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Gilmore and his carrot

posted by Gudrun @ 13:09 PM
August 23, 2010


parrot food

The parrots food I prepare daily contains always carrots. Some days they are eaten, other days the birds pick out something different.

My parrots get 12 hours of rest every night. Except Gilmore my African Grey, who seems to need less sleep. After my birds are all tacked in for the night Gilmore comes to the living room to hang out a few hours longer. One evening I had the tip of a steamed carrot and offered it to him. He inhaled it. I am steaming carrots for my dog anyway, so from that day on Gilmore got a piece of carrot a day. And now it was getting interesting. If the carrot is the thin end and peeled, he is eating it like a goodie. If it is from the rest of the carrot, even cut thin, he does not eat it. He also does not eat it, if it is not peeled.

Gilmore has the habit of destroying his feathers. Usually once a year he leaves them alone long enough to lock perfect. And then suddenly I find little feather pieces all over and that was it for a while. In 12 years I never could figure out what causes this behavior. We started the carrot ritual 2 months ago and Gilmore is fully feathered now. Is it one of his “leaving his feathers alone” times again or are the carrots the cause? I don’t know. Time will show. But as long as he eats his 2-inch, peeled, lightly steamed carrot every evening, I will continue offering it.

I know it often depends on how we offer a food for parrots to eat it. And the learning never stops. We have to keep an open mind to find new ways to offer the foods we want them to eat.

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