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Thank you Christy Kaufman

posted by Gudrun @ 12:32 PM
July 19, 2010

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Several years ago, I was invited to Pittsburgh, PA to speak to the members of the Parrot Education & Adoption Center there.  Their executive director Christy Kaufman, who had made all arrangement for me to come and speak there, was a most gracious host.  I will never forget how welcome I felt.  She also impressed me with her knowledge about  parrots  nutrition.  She drove me around and showed me the area and such wonderful places like the National Aviary.  My memories of Pittsburgh are very found because of the open and eager to learn members of PEAC and Christy.

I just got the newsletter from PEAC in Pittsburgh, PA and it anounces that Christy is retiring from as a executive director.

I wish her all the best. I am sure it will not be easy to find a replacement for such an loving, patient, knowledgeble and hart working person and wish the board of directors and Christy that  somebody who can replace her will come anlong soon.


Here is a link to the newsletter, in which you can also find information of the “Parrot Personalities” workshop for the 24th of July.:


Take good care of your self, Christy. I hope to see you at some of the ‘parrot events’.

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