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Plantain – Herbs in our daily parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 16:20 PM
May 5, 2010

parrot food


Now here is another weed. The early settlers valued plantain so much, that they brought it over from Europe and introduced it into the US. I am not talking about the bananas, but the little weeds everybody tries to get rid of.

parrot food

The plantain leafs are coming up here and I am glad to see this little treasures being back in my yard. At the moment the leafs are small and tender and are great in salads. Later, when they are a bit tougher they can be cooked in steam and prepared like spinach. I eat and feed only the small ones to the birds. The big leafs are a fun toy for parrots. All my birds like to tear them apart and try to separate the treats from the leaf. And later when the plantain gets the sticks with the seeds on them they are even more fun for the birds to take apart and eat. They are a real fun and nutritious parrot food.

Plantain is very high in beta-carotene, vitamin C and K, calcium and many minerals. Researches show that Plantain has cholesterol reducing property, helps for disorders of the kidneys, eases coughs and mucous membrane irritation associated with upper respiratory tract infections. I have used it in simmering a leaf for 15 minutes and putting it on a wound. The pain leaves immediately and it heals very fast.

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