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carrot powder

posted by Gudrun @ 13:15 PM
February 24, 2010

parrot food

Do you have birds that don’t want to eat veggies?

Many birds lack vitamin A, which also helps the body to absorb calcium. Therefore I like to provide plenty of beta-carotene in my parrot food. Luckily, there are more and more powdered organic vegetables on the market. The one I use often is carrot powder, which I mix into birdie bread or sprinkle it over the fresh food my parrots get in the morning. So, the birds which don’t eat much of the veggies get at least some of the nutrients which carrots provide.

Photo: Murphy, who owns Crystal Hutton Smith and let her take this photo.

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Milk Thistle – Herbs in our daily parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 17:07 PM
February 12, 2010

parrot food


Milk Thistle is an herb, which can be very powerful, when it comes to liver problems. In Germany the hospitals give it to patients who consumed the death cap mushroom. The research done over the last 40 years in Europe found the active ingredient Silymarin to help the liver to produce new cells and protect them from harm. Many herbalists here use it as an antidote for all kind of poisonings. Some parrot owners used them in cases of fatty liver in birds. And a vet should always be consulted, when your bird is sick. When your vet tested for liver problems, you might want to consult with him/her about the option of using silymarin. Or you find a holistic vet who can help you with the right herbs.


But this powerful herb is also a treat for birds. I have not seen one parrot, which does not love the seeds. They are part of my regular parrot food. My birds get a few times a week ½ of an ounce. For the parrots milk thistle seeds are a treat and I know they keep their liver healthy.

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Easy parrot food recipe

posted by Gudrun @ 18:18 PM
February 1, 2010

parrot food

parrot food

Most of my birds like vegetables, when they are slightly cooked and warm. Prepared that way they eat more then when I just give them the raw veggies. Here is one of my easy and fast to prepare parrot food recipes:

For my 11 parrots I take two large carrots, a medium sized head of broccoli, half of small head of fennel and a stalk of celery. Sometimes I use zucchini, peppers, beets or other vegetables.  I cook them in the steam over boiling water until they are still a little crispy. Then I cut the vegetables in different sized cubes, ad 1 teaspoon of olive oil, mix it, ad 2 teaspoons of sesame seeds and 2 table spoons of rolled oat and mix it again.

And voila, ready is the yummy dish

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